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The SixTen Shot Rod    
This is the latest project. Did not want to create an ordinary hot rod rather a more mass appealing and streamlined style so took the most beautiful design cues from a variety of old world cars e.g. Ford, Volvo, Bugatti and Porsche. I hope you will enjoy the design as much as I do! As a neoclassic model it is the outside that is classic and the inside (interior, frame and mechanics) is modern. The intent is this model can be built straight on top of a Ford Mustang car but front need to be stretched around 22 inches though.
The Design    
  • Just as our other cars you recognize our design here by huge rounded front fenders that flows beautifully to the back
  • We felt a hot rod should have a huge front hood. So it does! Our Shot Rod hood is about 2 feet longer compared to a Ford Mustang.
  • We also raised the hood as high we dared but still allow good visibility and driving abilities.
  • In true hot rod spirit we "shaved" the car. That is, there are no door handles or trunk handles; you open with key-chain remote.
  • Back lights are small round lights (HHR style) and mounted slightly diagonal to flow beautifully with our unique back fenders
  • Hood scoop is an optional design element (unless building on 2005 or newer Ford Mustang, then it is required to be able to fit v8 engine air intake)
  • Interior as you expect in a modern car; driver and pass air bags, air cond, cruise, tilt, all-power top/seat/windows/mirrors/locks/brakes and steering
The Mechanics    
  • The Shot Rod is intended to be built on a late model Ford Mustang from 1994 to 2013
  • Hence power plant choices include Ford v8's with 215, 225, 260, 300, 315, 412, 540 or 550 horse powers.
  • Unlike a Mustang the space intended for front suspension use unequal length upper and lower control arms and adjustable coil-over shocks for better handling.
The 2012 Shot Rod    

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The Inspiration    

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