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What I Do

SixTen Cars design car models intended to later be hand crafted as limited production convertibles or coupes in neo-classic style. I also provide guidelines how to best customize each car so it becomes a one-of-a-kind car for the proud owner! I do not build cars (although some models you see here on this site actually been built for my own personal enjoyment) but can connect you with car builders.

Why Choose a Neo Classic Style Car?

When people see cars from the 1930s such as Cord, Duesenberg, Mercedes, Morgan and MG cars they fall in love with the design. Unfortunately, there are issues around owning and driving a classic or antique car such as quality, reliability and ability to get service and parts. That stop most people from ever purchasing that special classic looking car. Many people also prefer modern creature comfort and security capabilities (power-everything, airbags, alarm, cameras, voice-commands etc) and want a comfortable ride that offers enough power when so required.

If the above is also true for you then look no further than cars on this site! I design classic cars that provide the finest classic design styles on the outside and intended to be fitted on a car with all the modern technology and comfort features on the inside. “Neo” means new and our models are designed to fit on top of a brand new or late model year car e.g. a Ford Mustang. This allow you to get your car (once built by a car builder) serviced at e.g. any Ford dealership world wide.

I believe these cars offers the best of all worlds; classic style, comfort, power, reliability, uniqueness. Hopefully you draw the same conclusion and is interested in having a one-of-a-kind car designed by me!

What models have been designed?

Currently there are 3 different neo-classic models. The classic SixTen Spirit model has a styling inspired by Duesenberg and Mercedes from the 1930's. The second model is the super exotic sport car SixTen Sabre which will make your neighbor driving something less unique such as a Morgan, MG or other roadster jealous! Finally, there is the 1940-era hot rod style, the SixTen Shot Rod inspired by Ford and Porsche designs.

Click any model below for more pictures of each model.

Contact Info

Enjoy the pictures. If you want a custom car designed and built and have the means to be spend over 100 000 USD then feel free to contact me to discuss further! I enjoy the challenge to take a very modern but plain (or ugly) car model and turn it into something beautiful and spectacular. As you can see from pictures we are not talking about adding some simple after market fenders but actually truly redesign the full car body.

You can find my professional background on www.linkedin.com and can contact me via email SixTenCars@yahoo.com or mobile 650-799 9005 (please leave voice mail as I do not pick up unsolicited calls).

Lars E Martinsson

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